Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Replies, replies!

I just wanted to take a moment and reply to some of the comments. Sometimes I will email a reply back but Blogger doesn't seem to make that possible for all comments, not sure if it's their issue or an issue on the commenters part. Anyway, here I go:

Preggo said...
Geez. . 10 weeks? That makes it sound so close. Soon you'll even be in the single digits!!

I didn't even think about the single digits...yikes!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...
You do your baby however you want to and however the baby will let you... Essie i was completely drugged and literally felt NOTHING, Gert didn't give me time to have any drugs and... yesh... that hurt.

I never wanted kids #3 cause i couldn't figure out which way to do it again.

Lizzy...this had me cracking up, mostly because I see exactly what you mean! Do it one way, do it the other, why bother with decidined again. Thanks for the laugh...and the truth!

Patty said...
The problem with planning is that we are led to believe that we actually have a choice. Then when it's time to deliver, Baby Boy will have plans of his own. Hopefully they coincide with yours. haha.

And don't worry, everything will work out fine - regardless of whether your sans drugs, heavily medicated, natural birth, or c-section. Because once Baby Boy is in your arms,you won't give a crap how he actually got here, just that he is here!

You know, I'm not set one way or another, I think I just feel better about both ways cause I understand them more. Trust me, if this boy has his way and he's like his father, it will be the path of MOST resistance.

Pearl said...
I agree with Patty... the best plan to have is: plan to keep an open mind. And dont listen to other people trying to persuade you to one way or another... so many people think that just because something happened to them it will happen to everyone. I firmly believe that every birth is different and every child is different. Follow your instincts!

As for the tummy tuck, I am kicking myself for not asking for at least a little lipo during my appendectomy! Darn drugs!!!

Pearl said...
PS - Why you holding back the belly pics???

Thank you for posting that! Every birth and child is different and it drives me crazy that people want to pigeon hole everyone into one way and the only way.

I promise belly pics this week!

Tam said...
O just hang loose. I know that is hard but honestly it is all up to your body, the baby and you never really know...each birth is different. My first was Vaginal and the second was an emergency C sect. So that came as a huge suprise trust me. Enjoy these last few weeks. I know you are excited about him being here but enjoy you last few bits of alone time with your is a special time for the two of you just before the birth of the first child. Take care My Friend!

Thanks for the advice to enjoy time with Hubby! It scares me to think soon it won't be just us on the couch watching TV...LOL.


  1. When blogger doesn't let you reply it is because the person making the comment doesn't have an email account set on their profile.

    I think we need to do a PSA about putting an email account on your blogger profile! ;D

  2. I had to change my settings so bloggers could reply to my email too, if they wanted!

    I had my first 2 au natural. Let me just say, with my 3rd one, from the moment of conception I KNEW I wanted to be drugged. It was worth it. LOL

  3. Im just dying to see the bump!

    And now I need to see if I have my blogger acct set up to receive email... ;P

  4. Good advice about enjoying this last time as "just the two of you".....

  5. I think the best plan is no plan :) You never know how it's going to be until you're in the moment. I sure didn't. I had to have a C-section even though I didn't plan on it.

    Do what's best for you :)

    I'm dying to see some belly pictures. I love pregnant bellies!


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