Monday, August 25, 2008

OB, OB, Oh!

Today I had my second OB visit and it went swimmingly. I met with a midwife and can I just say she was the nicest, sweetest lady! She put me at ease immediately about several questions I had and I really wish I could request her as my midwife come February. She was peppy without being overly so and just so excited for us that I wanted her to be my new bff! She laughed at my lame commentary and really seemed sincere about getting me through this journey my way.

The waiting for the appointment took longer than the actual appointment. I just don't get doctor's offices...two hours to spend maybe 15 minutes with the midwife? I don't understand that about any visits to those in the medical field. One of life's mysteries I suppose?

Our little budding baby was still moving around like a fish and she had a hard time getting a heartbeat reading but when she did, it was the sweetest sound, nice and strong and fast. I can't wait for my 20 week ultrasound to finally know if baby is a he or she. We also were thinking about doing 4D images...anyone have insight about that?

I've had a few people ask about names and if we've been tossing around a few, both male and female. Ever since I can remember I have never been one to talk about the names on my short list. Mostly I didn't want someone that would be pregnant before me take what I considered my name. Silly, I know but it's something I have always been firm about. And continue to be firm about. Once we know gender, Hubby and I will settle on a name and keep that under wraps until the day baby arrives. At that point it won't matter 1.what people think of the name and 2. someone can't steal it.


  1. Ummm... you're keeping the baby name under wraps from everyone - except moi, right?!? remember, i'm done making babies, so now you can finally divulge the super, secret, most sought-after list that I've been dying to see! =)~

    I passed on the 3D/4D ultrasound for two reasons: 1) insurance doesn't cover the cost and 2) I've seen lots of other pics and they are just not that *attractive* to me.

  2. I'm done with babies too so spill it (to me at least)!! LOL

    My OB was the best. Loved him! He gave me an ultrasound at every monthly appt. starting at my 4 month (with my last little one). He was even nice enough to do the 3D. I think it's an adorable
    keepsake. If you can do it, do it!

  3. I'm all for keeping the name to yourself. We didn't tell anyone our names that we had picked out... we had a girl name and a boy name because we didn't find out the gender ahead of time.

    Honestly the reason I did that was because a friend of mine told me the name she picked out for her baby, and I had a real gut reaction to the name... I HATED it. But she LOVED it. I'm still hiding that reaction to the name she picked out. But it's her baby and my reaction doesn't matter. So I just decided I didn't want to put anyone in the position of having an opinion about my baby's name before he/she was born. Sorry, that's more complicated an explanation than I wanted. :-)

  4. I had the 4D u/s with my last, and I thought it was wonderful. I was lucky though - she gave us a lovely shot of her face. (It really did look just like her. LOL.)

    Also? I've been spayed, so I swear I won't steal your names. But I can also wait for the big day. :)

  5. Just my .02 about the 4D... with #1 we found out what she was, we had videotape ultrasound and ultrasound pictures and everything... with #2 - we had 3 pretty hard to see ultrasound pictures, and that was it... Honestly, if I could go back and do it again, I would do it that way again. When #2 came, she was ALL surprises, and i liked that. But that just me... :)

  6. I wish I had kept my mouth shut about Baby's name because when they are still in your belly people feel free to offer their (usually unwanted) opinions. Next time...

    I did not get the 3D/4D. It was just a personal thing, I wanted to be surprised by how she looked. As it turns out, my husband was surprised much more than I was because Baby looks just like the postman. Heeheehee, just kidding!!

  7. We didn't know if we were having boy or girl, but we kept our name list under wraps. We really didn't care for anyone's opinion. I had people asking right up until the due date about names and we'd always just say, "We won't know until baby gets here!"

    Glad the midwife was a good experience!

  8. Yay! I'm so happy the appointment went well! You're right, hearing that heartbeat is one of the sweetest things. And you'll never forget it.

    As for ultrasound pics. We did the 3D (I don't know if it was the 4D or not), and they were really cool! You get a better idea of what the baby actually looks like...even though it may still look a little alien-ish. I would highly recommend doing it!

  9. Glad the appointment went well :)

    Like so many of the commenters here I'm all done so you can tell me and I won't steal the name but I can wait it's no big deal.

    I've never heard of a 4D ultrasound (dates me doesn't it)... isn't the fourth dimension time??? how does that work in ultrasound..... *confused*

  10. We didn't even find out the sex with our two girls - never mind reveal our names. Definitely keep the name under wraps. Makes it so exciting for everyone when you have the baby!

  11. I'm so happy everything is going so well! I think keeping the name a secret definitely adds to the excitement of the baby's arrival.

    My cousin got a 4-D picture of his son. It is definitely a weird experience. I say if you want the first real look at the baby to be a surprise then don't do it. But if you want a sneak peak then go for it.

  12. Do what will Make you and your Husband Happy. As soon as we found out the sex of our Children we picked Names and called the baby while I was pregnant by their name. When I had My baby Showers everyone addressed the packages by their names. I loved it!

  13. I always hated my OB doctor's appointments for the shear fact that no matter how early you got there you always had to wait forever.

    We didn't have a 4D ultrasound, but we did have a 3D, and I thought it was amazing. I sometimes wish that we'd gotten a 4D, but it was nice to leave some things up to surprise. (And by the time I decided I wanted one, I was 30 weeks and figured I could wait a little while longer.)

    I can understand wanting to keep your name secret. We didn't, which was fine because our daughter's first name is pretty common (her nickname not as much) and didn't get any flack, but our friends would argue with us over what to use as her middle name. My husband's best friend and I got into a huge argument about it, and it really got me worked up. Not cool for a seven and a half months pregnant woman.

  14. What I hate is when people comment on what you happen to like for names. Ew, really? Oh, that's ummm .... cute? Gawd! Give me a break!

    I have three girls, and the comments I get are from people with the typical "Perfect Family" asking if I'll try again to get "that" boy. What boy? I quite like my little family of husband, wife and three daughters. I think it's perfect the way it is, thank you very much.

    Oh, I'm sorry, this is your blog/your moment, isn't it? Sorry! lol


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