Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My cup over floweth

When I was in college, my BFF and I would use that term to refer to how lucky we were to be well endowed. Not only were we the president's of the B&N (big and natural) club, we were members! The jokes went on and on. I was always proud of my chest, because for my size (5'1) and weight at the time (100 pounds)my breast were a part of my body that was at times unbelievable! I remember when a roommate's friend came to visit and asked me if she could touch my boobs, because she didn't believe they were real. I let her feel away, I had no shame. They were big, beautiful and au natural, they got attention and while all was not always good attention, I managed.

Fast forward 5 years and suddenly I'm in best relationship of my life and slowly begin packing on the pounds and lo and behold, these bad boys that bought me much attention now grew BIGGER. Suddenly what were cute, big and perky...they became just big and in the way! And that asymmetry I hid very well suddenly became very pronounced, even if only to me. All of a sudden it wasn't so cute to wear a tight top when if you looked hard enough you could tell righty is bigger than lefty. I began to wonder about women that believe bigger had to be better...surely I was missing something! I couldn't wear cute little strappy tops, string bikini tops or anything without a bra! Then I realized my problem was lack of structure, all structure I had as a full C was gone when I became a full D. The last 7 years I could only complain about the boobs, wondering what would happen when I finally became pregnant. The last time I was fitted at a hoity toity lingerie shop, I walked out with bras in a size I never knew existed! that a size or an apartment number?

Well here I am pregnant...and guess what? My breast are out of control! They can only be described as mammoth. Perky? I can kiss that good bye for good. I can kiss anything with thin straps goodbye and getting fitted for a bikini is like a nightmare! But the very best part? When I complained to the midwife? She just laughed and said "They're going to get bigger." Good grief, are you kidding me? Between them and my belly you won't be able to see me!

And I won't even mention what I've read about breastfeeding and how that impacts the boobage, just know I am afraid, very afraid!

“A babe at the breast is as much pleasure as the bearing is pain”
Marion Zimmer Bradley


  1. I have no advice because I was a member of the triple A club pre-Baby. Now I have a relatively nice rack, but I am sure that will be gone once she is weaned.

    If it makes you feel any better, this post made me laugh out loud several times =)

  2. 34F - apartment number: that's hilarious!

    I'm a member of the "she looks like a boy" club. So, not much sympathy from me...until you start lactating...then I'll have "big" sympathy for you.

    I found that my small but actually there boobs shrank to nothingness after I had kids. So maybe that will happen with you too. I always say my kids sucked the life out of them! :)

  3. I'm right there with ya, sista! I was a very nice 34C pre-pregnancy. Now I'm 36E and they won't go away. And trust me, you'll want to smack all those that tell you "I was small before pregnancy, then became engorged, then they all shrunk away after pregnancy". Because for some reason, that isn't the way it happened for me (and I fear the same for you). Nothing at all shrunk away in the boobage area. WTH is that about?!?

    P.S. rofl re: the 34F apartment #.

  4. I wish I was in your situation! (Though I'm sure if I was I'd wish I wasn't. Damned if you do, damned if you don't, right?)

    I know I got "tha boobs" when I got pregnant, but I never really noticed. My regular bra fit the entire time (though looking back at pictures I can see a little boob trying to pop out of the top).

    However, when I started breastfeeding all hell broke loose. I remember looking down before showering one morning and wondering whose body this was, because I did not know how to handle my now 36E's (I had been 34B). I wish they'd have stayed that way, because now they're deflated back to pre-pregnancy size but with stretch marks. Great.

    Look at it this way, if you are unhappy with them once baby is born (and weaned if you go that route) there's always breast reduction. I had a 9th grade student have one when I taught (she was ridiculous and had back pain already), and she was so happy when she recuperated.

    All the best for your boobs!

  5. Oh honey! My girls went from a perky B cup before baby to a saggy giant DD cup after. Everyone swore to me that "they'll shrink back down after breast feeding and after you lose your baby weight."


    When I'm done having kids I'm going to have breast reduction. I've already started saving. And if I'm lucky, maybe I can have a tummy tuck, too! :-)

  6. LOL yeah I'm one of those who wished that the increased boob size had stayed after weaning. But based on my conversations with bustier Moms ... if you're afraid ... keep in mind that you do have the option of breast reduction after you're all done ;) So don't be too afraid.

  7. Oh my. I'm having flashbacks to when my milk came in. Good luck!

  8. doubld D club here! I am so laughing. YOU totally crack me UP! Apartment funny and OOOO I am afraid, very Afraid.......I am so laughing here in Savannah!!!!!

  9. Ok, I was laughing too...and a lot!! Way to pimp out your boobs! LOL Sorry, I couldn't help it!

    Also, when I saw 34F, I thought that stood for 34FU*#

    I so love your blog!
    Thanks for stopping by again!

  10. Can I join your club? I was nice 34C before baby and wore all the way up to a 38DD right before delivery. I really needed a bigger cup-size, though, because that DD had boobage bulging out all sides. I was too big and too preggers to go shopping though, by that point. I gained 56lbs with my pregnancy (I'm 5'1", too) I'm still carrying around about 15 pounds of souvenir baby weight and my boobs are at a stubborn 36DD (I think I could down to a 34, tho because even on the tightest setting, the band is a little loose) Hubby is convinced that when I lose this extra weight (I'm hoping to kick it in to gear this fall) that the boobs will shrink. I'm really not too sure about that.

    Oh, and when my milk came in...Heaven help me I never knew boobs could get that huge!! I could hardly nurse because they were down in my lap.


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