Friday, August 22, 2008

Everybody knows or more Friday Fun with Photos!

I'm back! After 5 days of traveling we finally made it home safe and sound. And it's official...everyone that should know we are expecting, knows! I wish I could say we had some elaborate plans to tell our folks, but sadly this creative mind was all fizzled out. Must be the hormones.

I ordered this cute frame:

I had the awesome u/s pic made into a 2x3 and voila. While I am sure there were prettier frames out there, something about this one spoke to me. Maybe the simplicity of it all?

Ok our first stop was my parent's home and Hubby and I argued (not really) about how we should do it. See my parents have a tendency to stay up late, even after everyone else has gone to bed. Hubby and I stayed up as much as we could, hoping to be able to put said frame on the fridge. Finally when all was quiet we snuck to the kitchen, only the frame would not stay put! So instead Hubby put it on the microwave and we went to sleep. I really thought my mother would find the frame and wake us up in her excitement. But things are never how or what you imagine. I think we looked exhausted and she was nice enough to be excited and yet let us sleep! Thanks Mom! :) When we finally did wake Hubby and I whispered about whether the frame had been found and why it was so quiet in the house! Turns out my Mom did find the frame and quietly shared the news with my Dad. See...she knew all along. Call it mother's intuition, but all along she and my eldest sis knew something was up...they just couldn't figure out why I was hiding it. much for thinking I was slick. Here's a pic of me and that eldest sis...she's eldest of the siblings after me. I can't wait to see her slinging poopy diapers...doesn't she so look like the type?

After a great day with my family we had to wake up at the crack of dawn the following day and head to North Carolina. We made a pit stop at home and then surprised Hubby's folks...well, really just his Momma. She was eagerly awaiting our call to come get us from the airport, but it was decided by someone else (cough, FIL, cough) that surprising her would be better. And it always is! Once we got there I was eager to spill the news the first night and Hubby and I exchanged private looks but nothing happened. The next day we all have a wonderful breakfast and sit around the table yapping our traps about nothing and everything. Hubby gives me a look and I'm not sure what he wants me to do, so I do nothing. Finally he goes and gets our camera, cause as you can see I missed my parents reactions. He places the frame on the fridge and we wait...only no one gets up. And when they do, the fridge is the last place they are headed. At this point it is time to kick this telling into high gear and Hubby gets the frame and hands it to his Mom. This is her initial expression:

Yep, that's exactly what I was hoping for, so it's a total score for the scrapbook! Hubby's dad was a bit more reserved, but I have a feeling when Baby comes and calls hims Gramps he won't be so reserved.

So that's our story and I'm sticking to it. Everyone was excited and giddy and all those things people are when someone you love tells you they are expecting. I didn't expect any less, with families as big as ours, how can you?

I am really trying to catch up with all my friends blog entries, please be patient, I promise I will do my best.

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  1. That picture frame is adorable and your MILs expression is great!

    Stop by my place! I am giving you an award!!

  2. Yay for telling the parents! Loooove it! :)

  3. AW! That's so cute! The grandparents to be must just be thrilled!

  4. That picture frame is so cool! The way your MIL is holding it to her chest is sweet. :)

  5. I think the picture frame is great too. Sounds like you guys had a fun time. After all, it's the news, not how you tell it, that's the ultimate excitment! =)

  6. WELCOME HOME!!!! I missed you!!

    That pic of your Mom-in-law is priceless!!! Oh how wonderful!!!!

  7. YES that is a GREAT SCRAPBOOK PICTURE! I LOVE IT! Well plus I see every picture as a possible scrapbook moment since I LOVE LOVE LOVE to scrapbook. What exciting ways to break the NEWS! Keep us all updated!

  8. I actually really like that picture frame! And kudos to getting a picture of MIL's expression, that's pretty cool.

  9. Great you will always remember...frustrations and all :)
    Love your MIL's expression - PRICELESS!!

  10. Congrats!! That frame was a great way to tell everyone. If they would only be observant!

    With number two we took a pic of number one wearing a shirt that said "I'm going to be a big sister". We sent that to all of our family members. The ones we didn't think would notice actually did. And the ones we thought would get it right away? We had to tell them to look closer...

    Hope you're feeling well!

  11. I LOVE that expression on you MIL's face. Can you say "Priceless"? I'll bet the frame and photo were a hit, too--Congratulations!

  12. Stupid frame had to ruin the surprises! Your family is going to be so excited when that baby comes, they'll be all over themselves!

    Glad that your trip (and news telling) went well and you made it back safely!

  13. BTW, I *tagged* you for a *meme*. Come on over and play!


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