Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sweet dreams are made of cheese

Who am I to disagree...ok, so I know the song really says sweet dreams are made of these, but cheese sounded so much better. my dear, sweet husband dreaming about me turning into a nympho on crack in a weeks time. What a hoot, right? Or let me get southern on y'all, bless his heart. Give him some time and then pull a Dr. Phil on him and ask how that's working out. But by all means if 2nd trimester brings my drive back, I am all for it...but I'm not holding my breath. Sorry honey!

I've always had wacky, intense dreams. Always. When friends would tell me they didn't dream (everyone does, you just don't remember) or never remembered their dreams I found it strange. Surely I was not the only one having vivid movies going on at night. And I won't even go into the sexual ones! So upon reading about how dreams would be even more intense by just being pregnant, I shrugged it off. I mean how much more intense, vivid or strange could the get?

So imagine my surprise when for the last two mornings I woken up tired from dreams that just won't end. Whatever I talked about during the day or spent to much time on...was in my dream. And not just in it, but totally taken over my brain. Like last night, Hubby and I were talking strollers before bed. I go to sleep and I dreamed about strollers for HOURS! And as I tossed and turned and woke up a bit and fell back to sleep, still strollers. And then beaches and family and on and on.

When Prince woke me up to go for a late night pee, I was actually glad and felt surely I had been asleep for half the night, but saw by the clock that I had only been out for 3 hours! I felt like I had been to the moon and back my dreams had been so tiring! And I have almost 6 more months of this? I don't know if I can handle it...and I haven't even had any actual baby dreams! Not a one about the future...but I am sure these are on the way. And thinking about it all...the only way Hubby is getting action is by showing up in these dreams too!

Maybe sweet dreams are made of cheese and I should have a piece before shutting the light and heading to the land of nod!


  1. Ahhh... the joys of pregnancy... the mind goes haywire.

    When I was pregnant I had really normal dreams, it's just at some point a giraffe always showed up in them. I blame toys r us.

  2. I had the craziest pregnancy dreams!! I mean, they were BIZARRE and VIVID!

    I started keeping a journal of them because I was so fascinated by them. Then they turned into crazy sex dreams. Talk about tiring!

    I will say they seemed to go away around the middle of the second trimester, but maybe that is because thats when I started having to get up more often to pee!!!

    If you have it in you, write them down when you can. I still glance back at my dream log every now and then and have a good laugh!

  3. I had one of those dreams that never end the night before last. I guess you could technically say it was that morning because I woke up to see the sun before I went back to sleep and had this dream. But it stayed with me all day. I just could not get this dang thing out of my head! What is with dreams like that?

  4. Pearl - I think a journal is a great idea! I use to do that when I was teen..mostly because I wanted to keep track of my NKOTB dreams! :D

    Apple Joos - dreams that stay with you all day are the worse! You can't help but be pulled back to them as the day progressed. Grrr...

    HTL - You crack me up! Toy r us indeed!


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