Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Time Fun - Hubby post 2

So, I really don't have much to talk about, but as I was looking at the calender this morning, I got an idea....Today is 11 weeks. I'm not gonna tell my idea just yet...let me lead you into it.
We men stand around with other guys, friends, co-workers, who-ever and hash out all of the world's problems and how we have theories and solutions to practically everything, if only the idiots running things would get out of the way. Of course the only thing on earth we don't have answers to is women, more specifically our own wives/girlfriends....we just can't comprehend why you all think the way you do, because lets face it, if y'all thought the way we do things would run much smoother...:)
There is a common theory among men that as much as most women want to get married, wedding cake without fail slices their sex drive at least in half. Confirmed. I am no longer the smart, good looking piece of meat she once thought I was. No, I have traded that role for typical husband that virtually never listens or pays attention...and I'm certainly no bedtime know that TV show king of queens? Yeah....there we go...we are happy, sometimes I guess life just gets in the way.
Now my a stroke of genius this morning I realized life is about to get out of the way. I mean, I know nothing about this pregnancy, hormones, baby stuff....But I DID read (in an educational article I might add) that low sex drive is common during the first trimester. However in the second, it supposedly picks up for alot of women. Being a MAN, a correctly figured out that by exactly next Friday (12 weeks) my wife will be chasing me around the house like a nympho on crack and I won't have to do anything at all! She'll want it anytime, anywhere, and I don't even have to look good, smell good, or pay attention to a conversation about something like shoes. I figure I got one more week to do normal stuff, you know, work, golf, mow the yard....but by next Friday......bedtime playtime might come anytime....I might want to stay close by..just in case:)


  1. Silly man! Don't you know those books are w-r-o-n-g!!!! They lie!!

    Has Melissa seen this yet? :)

    Ya'll are funny.

  2. HMMM I am so laughing here! SO laughing! I wish your good luck SIR!

    I warn you depends on the pregnancy! MY DEAREST HUSBAND was never THAT lucky!

    Hats off to you for MALE wishfull thinking!



    I, ahem, have a relatively high sex drive. Moreso than my husband, I would say. When I was pregnant, though, I was so sore and sick and icky that he was told regularly "My girl-bits have a one human being capacity and right now it is full. You'll need to take a number."

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the Comment Love and for getting in contact with Oprah! I've got my fingers crossed...

  5. You are funny!! Every pregnancy IS different, and I hope Melisa makes you her sex slave for the next few weeks. Hahahaaa!!

  6. OOO thanks for the comment on my are a girl after my own heart...I love purses to!

  7. It's obvious this is your first pregnancy experience. That being said, all I will say to your *wishful thinking* is... "yeah, good luck with that". lmao.

  8. See I read this after the dream post so I'm just assuming this was another dream

  9. Please report back. And don't be too disappointed if it doesn't happen the exact second, minute, hour, day of her 12th week. ;) You know those doctors can't really tell exactly how far along she is...


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