Friday, July 11, 2008

Psychic dog?

I love our dog, I really do. He is treated like part of the family and is by my side as much as he can be when I am home. If I move from the office to the master bedroom, which is maybe a total of 20 steps, he will get up and move too. He's a pretty low key dog, doesn't really play or chase balls. He does like chasing cats and squirrels, but only if they are in our yard. He doesn't like the rain or getting his paws wet. He sleeps in the room with us, enjoys scraps from the table and several walks a day. He's kept up to date with yearly vet visits and heartworm preventative, as well as flea/tick preventative. He's spoiled rotten and I love him to death. I can't imagine my life without him. Until the following happens.

He's been baby training me for the last week. I'm a light sleeper and don't enjoy it one bit! I remember when I use to sleep deep and anywhere. Now, not so much. I can fall asleep with the TV on, but after a bit the noise annoys me and it must go off. The whir of the fan can keep me up for hours as I listen to it make it's humming noise. Once we stayed at a hotel and the light above the bed somehow vibrated from who knows what and I heard it all night, getting a absolutely craptastic nights sleep.
So imagine my horror this week, when Prince decided to stay up most of the night walking around, scratching, coming to my side of the bed and looking at my face and then going to Hubby's side and looking at his face. When you finally pay him attention and wake up, you realize the lights have been out for maybe 2 hours. So up one of us will get to take him out front to pee. Because he refuses to use his dog door at night...we think he finds the backyard creepy. He does his business and comes in only to start the noise all over again, two hours later. This is when I spout off sleepy language that is not fit to print. When I wonder why I own a dog in the first place. Why we have a dog door when he won't use it at night.

And then I realize it's his way of saying "I know there's a bun in there and I'm preparing you for that. You won't thank me now. But you will thank me later."

Happy Friday!


  1. Our cat was never a lap cat until I was pregnant. She even tried to cuddle up on my lap when I was so pregnant there really wasn't any lap left. I think the pets really do know there's a baby in there!

    I enjoy your blog, it brings back so many fond memories for me! I wish I would have started my blog when I was pregnant!!

  2. This is so funny! I had flashbacks of the night before last, when the dog did the same thing, pacing from my side to Pear's side sniffing our faces. It was during one of those paces that the little *insert curse word* broke my laptop!!

  3. What a sweet doggie--and so photogenic! My sister-in-law has two photogenic mutts as well--I posted a GORGEOUS photo of them on my blog last week. BTW, I'm new to the blogosphere, and I'm offering a Great Giveaway on my blog this week. Please stop in sometime!

  4. You all will have to forgive me, I am use to commenting to each individual comment and it seems blogger does not allow you to do that. Or maybe it does and I just don't have a clue?

    Pearl: Animals are funny things, aren't they?

    Apple Joos: They are so cute and adorable until they start breaking things! I don't know what my reaction would have been at the site of a broke laptop!!

    Veggie Mom: Thanks for stopping by! And yep, he can take some great pics, the booger!

  5. Oh sweet doggie! My Shadow (dog) was so cuddly with me when I was pregnant. She was never really a snuggler but she would just curl up on the couch with me. Now she's a total lover.

    Her late night routines include scratching at the floor and scratching her ears (jingly collar from all the tags she has). Drives us nuts some nights.

  6. Oh Prince is the same! just last night he was shaking his head until I pushed myself out bed to take him outdoors. Then I was up and he came back in and passed out!


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