Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blog Etiquette? Is there such a thing?

I know there has to be such a thing as blog etiquette and in the livejournal world, the basic etiquette is replying to comments. But you can do that there, individually. Does anyone know if there is a way to do that in blogger? Does it matter?

I guess for me, I want whoever takes the time to comment to know I did indeed read their comment and appreciate it. Or do you say that by visiting their blog in return? I think I made a boo-boo when I left a reply to a comment here at someone else's blog. They were nice enough to not chastize me but I got the subtle message and I felt like a doof.

In the end I'm a perfectionist and want to do things right. Hell, I even took the music off my blog because it seems that most people find it annoying and distracting. Instead I linked over to my Pandora stations.

So anyway, I guess I'm just looking for everyone else's views about certain etiquette, etc. Or maybe I just say to hell with it, this is my blog and if you don't like it, tough cookies??

Happy Sunday!


  1. Personally, I LOVE it when people return my comments, either on their blogs or on mine. I also don't understand why someone would visit my blog and not make a comment, and I did get chastised by another, allegedly more experienced, blogger for one time leaving a comment that she deemed "irrelevant" to her post. Whatever. That being said, THANKS SO MUCH for a) visiting my blog; (b) leaving me a comment, and (c) entering my Great Giveaway! I'd sure appreciate it if you'd Share the Comment Love and let your bloggy friends know about the contest as well. The more the merrier!

  2. I never know the right thing to do either, so I mix it up - try to keep people confused and guessing :)

  3. I have wondered the same thing! Do I reply to comments by commenting on my own post? If so, how do I know the original commenter will even see it? I mean, why would they return to my blog to re-read their comment?

    Or, like you said, do you comment on the commenter's blog? Sounds like that irritates some bloggers.

    Do I send the commenter an email? Postcard? Singing telegram?

    I usually just dont respond at all because I assume that with 0 to 3 comments per post, the commenter will know that I read and appreciated their comment ;)

    There is probably a blog about blogging that answers all of these questions for us. Still, I vote for 'this is my blog and if you dont like it tough cookies'!

    ps ~ thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog today =) hee hee hee, I couldnt resist...

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Your blog is your blog and I think there is nothing wrong with healthy banter unless it crosses the line. Then those people should refrain from commenting!

  5. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and whatever you have the time for. It's your blog and if they don't like, tough cookies.

  6. ... it's your blog and you'll comment if you want to... (sang to the tune of "it's my party and i'll cry if i want to")

    I don't reply to comments on my blog mainly because I assumed it was just implied that I read all the comments (all 2 of them, lmao). I've seen people respond different ways - on their own blog or on other blogs. For those that get mad about the way you do it... no need to visit their blog again. Who needs that drama in cyberspace?

    Also, re: the music, my deal with the music is that I am usually listening to my own iTunes when on the internet, so other sites with music interferes with my own music. But again, just as simple as me pushing the button on the site to turn it off.

    So in summary... do whatever the hell you want to!! =)~

  7. I would think a blogger would be happy to get ANY comments. Hell, I even leave the trollish comments up because I think they're funny.

    If responding to Miss Priss' comment back on her own blog is a no-no, well call me a redneck. I go back to commenters' blogs and answer their questions, tell them thanks for the laugh, etc. Why would she keep stalking my blog to see if I answered yet or if anyone else thought her comment was brilliant? Who has time for that?

    Don't worry about Emily Post and her etiquette problems. This is your blog. Enjoy it.

  8. Hey - stop by my blog - I have a little present for ya

  9. okay... i've never heard of someone complaining about getting comments. if they are so crabby that they are chastising your for leaving comments, perhaps they are not worth their salt as a blogger?? I'm happy to get comments wherever! Either in response to my comments on your blog, or even better, on my own blog! You're doing great, and I love your blog.

    Oh, and about the music... it was more an observation meant to be funny than a complaint. It's your blog! :-)

  10. I do not think it is a big deal. I LOVE all comments on my blog on any post if it it does not even remotely pertain to my post or my blog! BLOGGING is all about fun and connecting with people and learning new things! I think people get to wrapped up in things....and should just let it GO and have fun.....letting it go...the first lesson of MOTHERHOOD and now I apply that to my life daily...blogland, real life.

  11. OOO the letting it go...was for the person that made you feel like a doof. Sorry it did not come out the way I wanted it too. But I will tell you letting it go will come naturally with motherhood. Trust my spotless house and my anal ways...well I had to let them all go with birth. LOL LOL LOL Congrats on the BABY! It changes your entire world but it is a wonderful change!!!! OK so now my comment got wordy and not pertaining to your post...I have no class! lol


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