Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's real alright.

How do I follow up such a sweet post by Hubby? Guess my just being me. Hee.

The feelings I have currently are so all over the place and if I even attempt to look at the big picture I just get scared! Some nights I lay in bed and it's dark and quiet and I think about the person growing inside me. And I freak. It takes all my energy to not sit up straight and begin screaming and crying. You spend your whole life trying to avoid getting pregnant that when it finally happens, it's so surreal. Most days I still can't believe it. And folks we are only heading into week 9. I have a lot of time for all if it to start to feel real, don't I?

And speaking of feeling real and all that goes with it...I think a lot of the scariness has to do with all the information that is out there. There is the debate about plastic bottles and pacifiers and toys. Then there is a debate about the parabens in lotion, shampoo, sunscreen. And how you should get an all natural crib and bedding. I want to make the right choices and good, healthy choices. But I don't even know what to believe. Sure everything is a little bad for you, but sometimes it can take years to realize just how bad, right? It's better to be safe and neurotic, than not? Grrr..arrrghhh!

We've been toying around with the idea of announcements for our family. I want to be able to direct them to this blog, so they can keep up with the day to day and month to month. Are announcements cheesy? I figure it would be a way to give them to blog address easily and also maybe alleviate all the phone calls I may get everyday, asking me how I am feeling. Or maybe I will be asking for trouble? Cause I'll get the phone calls AND questions about the blog at the same time?? But the announcements I found were so cute...


  1. Congratulations to you! Yes... it's scary with all the decisions and potentially dangerous things but there are some great sites like and z recommends that really give valuable info. Then follow your gut.

    I'm very excited for all you have ahead of you!

  2. My advice to you is to NOT tell your family about your blog. There is going to come a time where you'll appreciate having a "safe" place to go to and get stuff off of your chest when it comes to grandparents and stress. If you're really close to your family, then by all means, ignore me! In my experience, though, it's been a lifesaver to have somewhere to go to get stuff out of my brain so that I can be a productive member of society. I don't have anyone in my life I can be 100% open with 100% of the time. That's why I blog.

  3. I agree with Apple Joos... or maybe create a 2nd blog just for them and copy and paste the important stuff. But sometimes it's nice to just have a place where you can be totally you.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I would love to have your other blog address... I have to admit, there are gaping holes in my blog - stuff I won't talk about cause people won't understand...

  5. Yep, I'm in agreement with the other two. At first I wanted ALL my family and friends to read my blog because I like the attention (needy much), I was a little disappointed at the lack of interest. Now that I've got bloggy friends I don't need the family, but just enough of them read it to where I don't dare talk about certain issues that are bothering me. Create a second "family" blog where you can better filter what you do and do not want them to read!!


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