Friday, April 11, 2008

We've been here before...

So here I am a week after my cycle and waiting once again for ovulation. I hope it will happen the way it is meant to this month. If not, then I get to ask the gyn about it...and when I do I imagine she will tell me to give it time. I know we haven't really been at this for long at all and I think we imagined how simple it would all be and so now that it is not drives me crazy.

I went to see my waxer today and she asked me about baby names. Now everyone knows I don't give out any names to women that can still have kids and I told her that. She laughed and understood, but then proceeded to tell me some names she likes. She mentioned Bailey Elizabeth, which is nice. But I think too many dogs are named Bailey, so it's off any list I may have. I of course didn't tell her this...I can't afford to have a mad waxer in my nether regions.

I had another friend that finally got pregnant after 4 years tell me about the wonderful fight with zits she is having. Really? Seriously? Zits while pregnant? Give me a break! I don't think we can ever get away from them. Gross.

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