Monday, October 27, 2014

This Is Kindergarten

That's right, the time is here for our little man to enter the world of big kid school and start Kindergarten. I can not believe we are already at this milestone and am happy to report the first 9 weeks flew by and we didn't have any issues. It took him about a month to settle into the routine but once he got it, he got it.

His first day wasn't a full day and wasn't his full class but an assessment. But the second week they went full steam ahead. This kid is smart, curious and talkative. I really hope that he ends up loving school, like I did.

I wish I could say that him being gone from 9 to 4 means I get a ton of housework done...but the truth is I haven't. I've gone to the gym and thankfully the Husband was home to pick up my major slack in all things household. I need to make sure I get a routine going and plan the week out. There were several nights when we had no clue about dinner, throwing things together haphazardly and eating way to late. All. My. Fault.

And while big brother is at Kindergarten we are left with the bossy princess. She thinks with S gone, we are to entertain her and be at her every beck and call. The best is when she has to come along for she walks through the store of the day and laments about only wanting to return home. No joke. The only time she sings a different tune is if she is getting something. I've taken to trying to run errands when she is also in school. I look to the future and wonder what my days will be like when they are both in the same place together ALL DAY.