Saturday, August 3, 2013


That's the number of days since I last updated. I wish I could say that we've been so busy doing so much fun stuff that I just haven't had time to update. But that would be a lie. We have been busy and some of it has been fun but the real truth is that there just aren't enough hours in the day. And when I get a moment to jump on the computer I have a list of all the things I need to look up, check, buy, pay, etc. Which leaves little time for old blog. C'est la vie, right?

We moved into our new home and I am happy to say it went very smoothly. Thankfully this will be the last time we have to move in quite a while. The next time will either be to the beach or an old folks home. I have my fingers crossed it's the beach...

It took about two weeks for me to settle into life in our new home and for the first week when the Husband was at work, I was scared to venture to the first floor. Lots of windows, a big scary backyard and no curtains had me pretty freaked. Once I got use to the noises of the house and the neighborhood it was much better. We still don't have curtains (*don't judge*) but I now know where all the light switches are which is way helpful. Especially since we have some banging floodlights around the house.

The kids pretty much settled right into the house. They both got new beds and fresh paint and they never made a peep about missing the 'green' house. I don't blame them...I don't miss it either. It was a great place to get our Raleigh bearings but that's about it.

In June we added to our family and rescued a cat. The Husband really isn't a cat person but he let me get my way on this one. Mojo, which is what we named the furball is pretty laid back. Especially since the kids never get tired of chasing him. He runs but then always comes back for more. We could not have picked a better cat.
The kids have spent the summer taking swimming lessons and getting ready for our yearly fall trip to the beach. We are hoping that they will be more inclined to jump in the pool now that they've had some practice. Time will tell.

In a few more weeks Spencer will go back to school and Teagan will start her first year. She is ready to go and I don't expect her to shed any tears. I may be the only one that does that day. I recently took Spencer for a play date and Miss T had a full on fit because she wanted to stay. Anyone that knows me, knows that I just don't leave my kids. It was probably a small miracle that Spencer has graduated to play dates where I don't stick around. So imagine my surprise when the other mom told me I could leave her. Luckily they have a 2 year old girl as well so it wasn't like T was alone tagging after the boys. So I left her...for 3 hours. She didn't miss me until about 5 minutes before I came back. Little stinker!

So that's all I got folks. My next update won't be as long, I have a review of Blog Design for Dummies coming so stay tuned!

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