Thursday, September 6, 2012

What I Like About You

Atlanta, GA

I've been meaning to do this post for a while now after getting inspiration from Fadra and her list of her best of Raleigh. So without further ado, here is my list of my best of Atlanta.

But let me be honest...I didn't live in Atlanta proper, so most of my favorite things will be from good ole Stockbridge, GA. Or what was lovingly referred to as "the sticks" when we first arrived and were asked where we lived and told them. Because once you get OTP (outside the perimeter) people assume you are in the country. Which couldn't be further from the truth. Now, onto my a few of my favorite things:

Good skin can be hard to...maintain but not if you pop on over to Hill House and see Christi. She has been my go-to girl for several years and it was a sad day when I got pregnant and lost track of her. Thankfully all was well again when we re-connected. You might think a facial is a facial or a waxing is a waxing...but with Christi it's so much more. Having to find a new place here in Raleigh, I can already see the difference. I think it's because with Christi I always felt like a friend instead of just a client. She never pressured me with a sales pitch and was always willing to listen to me rant about my skin issues. Or any issues really. She is going to be hard to replace but if you're in Stockbridge...know she comes with my highest recommendation!

While I was dating Tim, I acquired a dog. My early blog readers will remember how he was prominently featured as part of our family when we got married. My first baby, if you will. He was quite a dog and by that I mean quite MY in no one else could really handle him. That is until we met Dr. Toole over at Hudson Bridge Animal Clinic. He had just the right mix of southern charm and vet knowledge to deal with my fur-baby. When everyone else was afraid of Prince, Dr. Toole was never fooled by his aggression and always took good care of him. And when we had to say good-bye to Prince, it was once again Dr. Toole who helped us make the decision. We did have a chance to see all three vets at the clinic but Dr. Toole was always my favorite.

One of my favorite things to do is go out to eat. Fast food, sit down, food truck...if I don't have to prepare it, I am up for trying it. The only rule I have is that the service be good and the place not have a failing grade (or really anything lower than 90) from the Department of Health. Our side of town had their share of Mexican restaurants and so when Papi's came along it was a welcome change. It's not the fanciest place but ther service is always top notch and the food is always full of flavor. Our go-to staple was their Ropa Vieja which melted in your mouth. They usually do a Groupon or two, which ends up being a fantastic if you're in the area and see it, definitely grab it up!

I have talked about my hair a time or two on this blog, mainly what a joy it was to finally found a salon and stylist that got me and got my hair. So when I cut ties with that salon and had to find a new was scary. I am one to read reviews methodically over and over to find what I need. Imagine my surprise when I found a salon and not one but TWO stylist in a matter of a month! But the best part? The price didn't break the bank!! Lux Salon of Grant Park has that cool vibe without being pretentious and without charging you an arm and a leg. And the stylist know what they are doing without being pushy about your hair or product. Stacie was my gal and she always knew just what to do to make me feel like a million bucks and not have to spend that much.

Finally, shopping. I love to shop and I love places that have great stores and great places to eat all wrapped into one pretty bow. That places for me was Atlantic Station. They are a live, work, play concept that has some great shopping options. I'm talking Dillards, H&M, West Elm, Z Gallerie, Old Navy, Gap and a Super Target rolled into one. Add some yummy places to eat and can spend hours here and not even realize it. Parking is on the street, old school or you can use the underground garage. Each weekend there is usually something going on to partake in from Food Truck Fridays to Fan Festivals and so much more. It really was a nice place to get lost at with a stroller and not feel overwhelmed. Of course unless it was Black Friday...

So there you have it, a few of my favorite people, places and things that I left behind and am missing. But I  must say...I am totally digging Raleigh. Raleigh, FTW!


  1. I was just saying I needed to get a facial and Christie is right down the street from me. I normally just go when I go to the spa but since I've been obsessed with my skin and trying to take better care of it I would like to find my way to a facial at least quarterly. I will be going to see her very soon.

    Papi's..YES!! They know me in there!

    1. Let her know I sent you! Trust me, she turns a facial into an hour of pure bliss!

      We miss us some Papi's but thankfully found a great replacement. Of course I should be able to cook but I didn't get that Puerto Rican gene, apparently! ;-)


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