Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Perfect Play-date

I just want to play!
What is the perfect play-date? I have to be honest, I never had a ton of play-dates with Spencer. And now with Teagan sometimes it is just easier for the two kids to play with each other. Especially now that she is starting to get things and follow along with however Spencer is playing.  But at the same time I want the kids to know how to interact with others and learn to make friends.

I remember seeing a commercial the first time I was pregnant and is showed a handful of moms at a play-date. Their babies were all tiny and sleeping in their car seats as the moms quietly chatted and drank coffee or tea. Right then and there I knew THAT was a perfect play-date. Sadly I never met any moms that had children that were Spencer's age and so those playdates passed me by.

When we put Spencer into school last year it was to get him socialized and also give me a few hours with just one child. I thought maybe at school I would meet mom's who might be interested in milling around Target or having a drink at Starbucks. Instead most everyone kept to themselves. Or better yet setup play-dates but didn't include us. How do I know? Because I would hear them talking about meeting up...

I vowed that when we moved I was going to be proactive and push myself out of my comfort zone and meet other momma's. So I joined a large mom's group and have been putting myself and the kids out there. Raleigh, FTW!

But does the perfect play-date exist? Is it the kids having a great time? What about the mom's? Because I will be honest...I've been on play-dates that were pretty bad. (Not in Raleigh) Ever go and meet a mom and her kid(s) and she barely mutters "how are you?" Yep, the playdate was pretty much us standing next to each other while the kids played. Talk about awkward. Thankfully the playdates I've been to so far have mom's that seem genuinely interested in at least asking how you are.

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect play-date...maybe it's a date for mom's only and the kids are home with Daddy? Yeah...that's sounds pretty perfect, doesn't it?


  1. I think there is something to a mom's only playdate! I was fortunate to make a good group of friends in a prenatal water aerobics class 3 years ago. We still meet weekly when we can, but it is funny how little we can interact at times as we're chasing after our kids.

    We definitely need to plan a get together!

  2. My fave thing about my Moms group is my friends. . . I don't really care if our kids get along - because almost NO kid gets along with other kids at age 2 and 3. Its all about us talking and relaxing and occasionally separating the monsters before they beat each other up. I wish we lived closer. I would so be in your moms group!!!

  3. The perfect play date comes when your kids are both at the "right" age. I recently had a play date with a co-worker, it was Braedyn (5 1/2), Chase (almost 4), and the friend (just turned 4). And me and the other mom could sit on the couch, relax with a glass of wine, and watch the kids play with minimal interruption. It's all about the age. You're getting there.

  4. I think the perfect play dates are those with friends and their children. You feel comfortable keeping an eye each others children while maintaining some sort of conversation. Those are far and few between so in that case the ones where the moms hang and the dads keep the children are the best kind!

  5. Yes. Youre right. The perfect play date involves moms only and booze and doughnuts. and me dont forget to invite me.


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