Sunday, August 19, 2012

100 Piece Puzzle

Not the 100 piece puzzle
If you've met Spencer or had the opportunity to play with Spencer...he goes about 100 MPH from the time he wakes until we force him to bed. I say force because he hates bedtime with a passion and if it were up to him? I think he'd stay awake all night. One day I may just let him and see how many days he lasts with no bedtime. I have a feeling he would last way longer than I or Tim.

Last summer I bought him a Melissa & Dough 48 piece floor puzzle and was amazed at how quickly he was able to put it together all by himself. And how it gave us a few minutes of peace and quiet as he diligently looked at all the pieces and put the same puzzle together over and over. He was obsessed. I picked up a few more puzzles, floor and tabletop and he was over the moon. Most of the puzzles are for ages 3 and up, so of course this just confirmed he is a genius. I mean he was doing these puzzles at age 2.

Then he met his match...a 100 pieces puzzle with small pieces and colors that run into one another. A real dozy of a puzzle, one that has gotten me flummoxed on more than one occasion. He will pull this puzzle out and probably work on about a quarter of it before he asks for help...and let's you finish. What is truly amazing is that it no longer frustrates him that he can't complete the puzzle. He shrugs it off and anxiously awaits for us to pick up more 100 piece puzzles. (Hello, stocking stuffers!)

But the best part of this 100 piece puzzle? The way he has tied in the complexity of the puzzle with his frustration of other tasks. If we get in the car and the ride takes too long? "Oh man, this place is 100 piece puzzle far!" If he's playing and hasn't mastered something? "This is 100 piece puzzle hard!" And every time he mutters it? I laugh. I amazed by the way his little mind works and how he comes up with his reasoning. I hope he will always be this way!