Friday, June 1, 2012

21 Days

They say you can form a new habit or break an old one in 21 days. At least that's what I think they say...but I've never tried it. I am a cold turkey type of gal, not to be confused with Wild Turkey. Anyhoo, I wish there was something new I could pick up in the next 3 weeks but alas in 21 days there will be a big truck here to get our belongings and move them to NC.

If you ask Spencer about it he will happily tell you that the truck is coming and that we will be moving to the green house. I've been trying to prepare him for the changes that are coming and so far he has taken them all in stride. I am hoping that the trend will continue and things will stay status quo once we move. I definitely see a lot of myself in him because I am all about changes and new things. Even if only they are new to me.

Packing up the house and yet there are still too many toys on the living room floor. And of course the few boxes of toys that I did pack up? Suddenly Spencer is having a fit because I packed away something he NEVER plays with...murphy's law I suppose. What I need to do is pack up every toy that makes too much noise, even when it's on a low setting.

I've been trying to get Teagan to sleep in her crib that we converted to a toddler bed. The first night I put her in half asleep...she about flipped her caca. Screamed like a banshee, she did. I've had better success in recent days but we aren't 100% yet. I think once she can really climb in and out it will be better. And yes, now I have no safe place to put my 15 month old. So when I post a half-crazed status on you know why.

So that's all for now...hopefully it won't be 21+ days before I update again!

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