Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Official, Yo!

So we now have a place that we will be calling home come June and for the next year. Who knew that renting would be as stressful as it was? Not that I was really stressed, it just seemed to take longer than it should have. Apparently the rental market in Raleigh is doing quite well!

We went back and forth between renting and possibly just buying a home. Our realtor was adamantly against us buying anything without having lived in the area for a bit. And I get that, a good realtor should steer you that way. But when we bought our current home, I came not knowing what I was in for. I moved from a place we called the shoebox to a 3 bedroom home 25 minutes south of the Atlanta airport. I didn't step foot in our new home until after we were married and spent the night before we took off for Maui. And the only thing I had issue with? The bright green wall that made the living room seem tiny. Oh and the 90's wallpaper. But I knew that first night it was home and I wasn't worried.

But in just a few weeks (1 month and 2 weeks to be exact) we will be calling a new place home. I am most excited about the fact that there will be an actual bonus room...where I can stash all the kids toys and shut the door. No longer will I have to walk into a living room that looks like an aisle at Toys R Us. Seems silly that something as simple as a bonus room has me excited...but there you have it.

And without further ado...this is where we will be calling home for the next 365: