Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Here we are a week into the new year and I'm finally getting around to updating things around here. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season and rang in the new year with style and surrounded by those they love.

With the new year of course come the resolutions. I was never one to make any, mainly be because anything I hoped to do I never seemed to actually be able to accomplish. And so no resolutions for me. Call it week but there is nothing worse than staying up until midnight on NYE and remembering that you had made resolutions a whole year before and can't even remember what they were.

This year I did stay up until midnight and kissed my kids and then began to think about resolutions and then realized I didn't need to call them resolutions. Instead I knew that along with changes that will be happening for our family, that there were personal changes I wanted to make as well.

The first is all about me. I am burnt out on motherhood and need a break. While I am not quite ready to take a solo vacation, I am ready to take an hour or two off each week. I need to recharge and not feel weak for doing so. As much as I want to be super mom, I can't do it. Last year I kept reading about the importance of taking time out and how more and more mom's were taking a stand. I vowed to and then let it fall by the wayside. But no more. I know now that I can not be a good mother or a good wife if I feel like I am burnt out.

The second change I want to make is to become more spiritual. I feel like I have lost my way with God and everytime he gives me a sign that he is here and waiting for me? I ignore it. I am thankful I have a God that is so forgiving and who is willing to wait for me to come back. The hardest time I am having is figuring out how to come back. I want to set a good example for my son and I also want him to be comfortable with his own spirituality. But I don't want what I do to feel fake or forced. I think I need to just pray on it.

I have a few more changes I want to implement but for now these are the bigs ones. How about you? Are you a resolution maker? Do you relish the new year and the proverbial tabula rasa we are given?