Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Five: 5 Ways to get a Run the Other Way

I'm trying to keep up with my posting but not killing myself to do so. I will take the easy way if it presents itself, so we have another Friday Five list! 

1. After finding out his parents (or families) names, you tell him you have the perfect name for the kids you will have together...after only a month or two of dating.

2. Talking about how big you expect your engagement ring to be and how only a certain size will do.

3. Tell him your best friend is a guy...and that at one time you use to sleep together.

4. Have an issue with every one of his friends and try to get him to not see them any more.

5.Nag. Nag. Nag. Trust me, once there is a ring and a baby...there will be plenty of time to nag.

This list came about because I was thinking about relationships and what makes people act the way they do when they are new. And how sometimes women don't realize it...but they can sabotage themselves.