Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bringing Sexy Back

Because this is what I want to look like. And currently when I look in the mirror my ab area looks like a deflated beach ball. Actually a deflated kick ball because of my stretch marks and kick balls are usually that red ball with lines all over it. It's not a pretty sight and definitely not a sexy one.  And so I've joined the gym.

But I'm realistic. After two kids, all the gym time in the world is not going to get my abs looking like that. For all the skin that is stretched out and hanging over places it didn't before, only a miracle or surgery can get me looking like that. Or several pairs of Spanx over one another! But still...I've joined the gym.

There was only one time I truly liked working out. That was as a senior in high school. They had opened up a Gold's Gym next to my job and my mother and I joined. The owner or manager was a good looking guy and I think I may have had a tiny crush on him. I was itty bitty thing, hovering at 100 pounds. He could crush me with his bicep. And yet, I went to the gym and liked it. I went to classes, I lifted weights, I ran on the treadmill. I was a regular Denise Austin. I believe I even had a thong leotard I wore. Because let's face it, at 17, I could get away with it.

Now? Now a thong is the last thing I would be caught dead in. And liking the gym? Oh hell no. I go because I need to not because I truly want to. But I know once I start going and realize that even though I don't like to sweat...I will have at least an hour to myself...I will be just fine. That's right folks, the kids will be in the gym's childcare and I can sweat to the oldies via my ipod without anyone whining or crying.

And hopefully in a few months I will have brought sexy back. Just a little bit.