Thursday, August 18, 2011

Before the Digital Age...Down the Aisle

This week Natalie over at Mommy of a Monster is having a great link up. She wants everyone to post their favorite wedding photo(s).

Way back in 2004, digital was just beginning to pop all our pictures were done the old fashion way. Luckily one evening I decided to scan all of the photos so I could look at them via the computer instead of in a hardbound photo album. I remember wanting to book a photographer that would just randomly take photos but they were expensive. So instead I went with the same photographer that takes all the schools pictures. That's right this same studio took my high school senior photos! And we went with a lot of posed photos!

Of all the pictures that were taken that day, I have 3 that are my favorite, and these are them:

The first just epitomizes the love we have for each other and probably is a typical wedding photo but I loved it so much, I enlarged it and it hangs in our house.  The second I stole the idea from a wedding magazine or The Knot but as soon I saw the photo...I fell in love with it. Those are my twin sister's, they were 7 going on 8. And the last photo...something about it is so candid. I can't remember what we were talking about but I just love how unaware we both were when the photo was taken.

How about you? Want to share your favorite wedding photo(s)? Click the button and join the linkup!

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