Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: When Is Enough, Enough?

Time for the infamous Stream of Consciousness Sunday. 5 minutes of your day to dump the mind. No shirt, no shoes? No problem!

I don't write these post with a topic in mind. I usually just go with the flow about what I am feeling and let the writer in me take over. I know a lot of times I write about how my SAH life is making me feel and I appreciate the comments. More than some of you can ever know.

Today I want to write but am afraid to share details. Mainly because I haven't wrapped my head around the details of what has happened. But as I try to come to terms the only recurring question is when is enough, enough?

When do you stop excusing someone's behavior because they are family? Or do you? If the person is a repeat offender and refuses to acknowledge their wrong doing time and time again...should you cut them off?

It is sad when someone is so insecure, so paranoid that they lash out. They have no filter in their anger and do or say things that can not be undone. They open wounds that get to a point where they can never be healed. Each scar deeper than the one before.

When is enough, enough? For me it is when what I love the most is not respected that way is deserves to be.

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