Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Memories

It's Sunday which means it's time for my regular thang...

5 minutes, no editing, just flow and go...

When I look at my kids I wonder...what will they remember about this time, right now? Anything, everything, nothing. I know Teagan is still to young and won't remember anything. But Spencer...he's 2 and talks so much and can tell us everything he did during the day. What will he remember as he gets older? Will he recall the day I had enough and yelled? Will he remember the time I wanted to treat him and took him for donuts? How do we form the things we remember...what makes them memories?

My mother always says I remember only the bad and never the good. And when I think about my childhood and even my teen would seem she is partly right. A lot of what I remember isn't so great. The punishments, the chores, the over protectiveness. Where have all my happy memories gone? My childhood was not all doom and gloom but why is it that I remember it that way?

Why is it I can recall a vivid memory about something that means nothing but when I try to remember a special birthday or holiday I come up with nothing? Am I doing this purposely. Maybe I need to be hypnotized? Talk things out with a therapsit?

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