Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rewarding Bad Behavior

When we have children, we as parents are responsible for their behavior. We reward good behavior and punish the bad. It's logical, right? Then why is it as a society we have turned this concept on its head?

I admit it, I watched bits and pieces of the Casey Anthony trial. I was saddened by the death of a child as old as my own son. I wanted someone to pay and who better than the mother of that child. The person that was suppose to love her unconditionally and protect her.

In the court of public opinion, she was guilty. But according to the legal system, she is not. While I don't agree, I understand. But what I can't understand? Is paying her to tell her story. Letting her get rich off of her daughter's essence, rewarding her for her disgusting behavior.

But she is not alone. Reality TV has introduced us to faux-lebrities that are rewarded for the drama they create in front of the camera. Drunk and lewd behavior? Sign them up and show the world. And then pay them. I've seen things on TV that make me blush and I'm the furthest thing from a prude.

It needs to stop! We need stop wanting to watch these shows and hear these stories. We need to stop paying people for doing every day things in front of a camera. We are setting up our kids to have nonexistent moral compasses. When we ask them to dream big and achieve greatness, they will reply with why? Why work so hard when they can act like idiots and get paid for it.

And I don't know what's worse...teens acting like fools for the camera or adults. I've seen my fair share of so-called "classy" women, who are moms flip tables, pull hair, throw drinks and have sex on a first date. What message does this send to their own kids? Much less the impressionable minds tuning in? That after behaving this way there is a book deal, made for TV movie or speaking engagement waiting for you.

Is there a solution to this epidemic? Not long as there is an audience, there will be someone willing to pay for the audacious behavior. But we better be prepared because soon we may have these same idiots running the world. And I'm afraid...very afraid!