Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Five from Florida

A few bloggers use this format for a quick Friday post, so I decided why not try it myself? Here we go:

1.) You don't get use to the humidity in Florida. Ever. I believe you can set a record for how fast you start sweating in under 2 minutes. It's that bad and when you move out of the state? You never miss it.

2.) The state is pretty big. You can drive for 5 or 6 hours straight and still be within state lines. Having a stay-cation takes on a different meaning when you live in Florida. There are always new things to see or do!

3.) Bugs. You can't get away from them! From the mosquito to the water bug to the love bug. Every season brings out a new enemy. And every year they seem worse than the year before...ugh!

4.) All tourist are not bad drivers and all bad drivers are not tourist. Yeah, I said it. Some of the sketchiest driving is done by residents!

5.). Watching the shuttle launch or hearing the sonic boom when it returns never gets old! It is breathtaking and I am sad that there will be a generation(s) that won't ever experience it.

Those are my five and I'm sticking to them! Happy Friday.
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