Friday, May 20, 2011

Lost Love - A Poem

She wakes up crying for her love,
But he is watching from the heavens above.

She let's out a sigh and begins her day,
Never thinking it would be this way.

The house is different with him gone,
Even the birds seem to sing a different song.

She is trying to be as strong as she can,
But of living alone, she was never a fan.

Her children all promise of her they will care,
But with lives of their own she's not sure how of this they will fare.

There are reminders of him everywhere that she looks,
From kitchen to dining room to a small pile of books.

Together they lived as husband and wife,
43 years of love and little to no strife.

 She looks to the heavens, aware he is there,
And remembers the moments of the life they once shared.

The idea for this poem came to me after my father-in-law passed and my mother-in-law woke up each morning and I could hear her crying. Both my husband and I felt helpless but it was during on of those mornings that the first line came to me. I haven't written a poem in a long time...

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