Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cards for All Occasions

I have always been that person who kept up with ages, birthdays, anniversaries, changing of the season. If it was on a calendar somewhere, I knew it and kept it in my mind. And then I had my first child. That first year I didn't keep up with anything. Actually I kept up with one thing...getting my Christmas cards out just after Thanksgiving.

As I got the hang of being responsible for someone other than myself, I once again began to keep track of dates on the calendar. I admit it...I love sending out cards. It use to be a trip to Hallmark and I'd go through endless cards looking for the perfect sentiment for the occasion. And then came this digital age and the wonderful companies (like Shutterfly) that let you create cards from photos, etc. It's a win-win for someone like me.

I have two children now, both born just before the Winter ends and the Spring begins. And with kids comes even more for me to do in the card department. Who doesn't like to get a cute card from their kids or grand-kids? I was even tempted to whip up a cool Mother's Day card for myself. But I didn't.

But I do have a wonderful husband that gets a Father's Day card ...he deserves more than a card but he's also sappy and would love the kids to wow him with something sentimental. Only they won't realize how sentimental it is until they are much older. And can actually help me make the cards.

And since it is Spring and it's a time for new beginnings, I have toyed with the option of creating a one of a kind Thank you card to keep in my desk drawer. It seems like I never know when someone is going to do something nice for me or my family...and I'm old school, I always do a handwritten thank you card. My kids will be doing those as well...but maybe I will let them have their owns special cards as well.

How about you? Do you like sending cards? Are you able to keep up with it, if you have kids?

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