Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You Give What You Get and Get What You Give

Back in October, I wrote this post. In said post I talked about how what was done for me was a sign about how I was living certain aspects of my life. Since that moment I really started doing things differently. I have started focusing less on the almighty dollar and more on if what I have to give, can indeed help someone out. You know what? I'd say my karma is slowly correcting itself.

You're asking how, right? It's really all about little things. Since October I've really opened myself up to getting rid of things I don't need and instead of trying to sell them, give them to someone that really needs it. Baby clothes, formula that gets sent to me in the mail. The items have ranged from something totally new to things that may have been used only once and put in a box to never be see the light of day again. And you know what? Ever since I started doing that, I've seen a difference in how I feel and what has come back to me.

Okay, so maybe I haven't won the lottery...but I also don't play. But I've entered contest here and there and suddenly am winning, duh. Charlie Sheen would be so proud...

Sure, maybe my overall luck has just increased but I really would like to believe it's because the energy of kindness that I have put out there is being returned to me. Maybe I really should start playing the lottery...

What about you? Have yo made a change in your life and then started seeing things turn around? Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference.

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