Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We are Family

We took this picture last night, our last photo of just the three of us and a big belly. While I know I am pregnant and know that the end result would be an additional person to our household, really thinking about it blows my mind. We will never again be three, always 4. Hubby said that adding children to a family is a different feeling than us getting married. He said it was because with a child, they are yours for life. You will always wants to protect them, will always love them, always want the best for them. Not all relationships stand that test of time, even if we go into them thinking they will. He's right, we will always be responsible for our two children, no matter what might happen between us.

I think about what this morning will bring and know that in just a little while I will be holding the little girl that has kicked, rolled and hiccuped her way into our hearts. I will miss the flutters. I will miss being able to rub my belly. I liked my preggo body, even if I couldn't get a decent night sleep.

As we get ready to take our family from three to four, I have to wonder if I will ever remember life before our first child and now our second...

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