Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Groundhog Day

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I realized something this weekend...motherhood, especially for me is like the movie Groundhog Day. Everyday I get up and it's the same day and I feel like I'm just trying to get it right. I'm trying to recreate what I did right from the day before and stay away from the things that didn't work. The day seems to zoom by at certain times and then roll slowly by at others.

I have to admit and I did admit to the husband, that even thought it has been hard having him back at work, I am glad that I was thrown into dealing with the 2 kids. As much as my MIL probably hates to read it, I am glad that I have not had help the last two weekends. I think I would have settled into having someone around and then when the time came for me to figure it out on my own it would not have been pretty.

Yes, there are days I struggle. Yes, there are days that I wonder if having two kids was such a great idea. But I get throught it. I still have all my hair, though as soon as my hormones get under contril it will fall. My house is still stnading, even if it's a bit dirtier than I'd like. But I'm doing it...even if each day feels like a repeat of the day before.

Welcome to my groundhog day!

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