Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Stillness At Dawn

It's that time again...Stream of Consciousness Sunday! Every Sunday, Fadra hosts a day where we can write for 5 minutes and not worry about topic or typos. She's taking a break this week but head over to her blog to see past weeks and visit an all around cool person and blog.


There is a quietness to the morning that isn't present any other time of the day or night. Well, maybe night but lately I haven't really been a night person and while I am not a moring person, I am slowly becoming somewhat of one.

I don't get amny of these quiet mornings. They begin with a toss and the realization that dawn is almost upon us. I lie there and am either listening to Hubby breath or listening to Spencer. Both have the same deep breath pattern. I look to the window trying to determine what time it is and if I am still tired enough to fall back asleep. Many times at that very moment I don't feel tired but will just lay and think of how our day will go. What will we do? Will I have to face any tantrums? Will I be tired before we are halfway through the day?

There are times the wind is blowing and I can hear the chime in the backyward making its tinkling sound and I try to let it lull me back to sleep. But sleep won't come and so I slowly toss to one side or the other. Still listening to the quiet breathes beside me.

You know when I finally do fall back asleeo? When Spencer decides he has seen enough light creep through the shades in his window to determine it is time to start the day. How am I going to survuive him AND a newborn?


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