Friday, December 17, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things - 2010

I have a love/relationship with Oprah. Most days I love watching her and her over the top screaming, etc. I don't think her word is gospel but I have learned a few things and that's never a bad thing. The times when I hate her? When she does her Oprah's Favorite Things episode. People are crying and passing out and she's giving away diamond earrings and closet makeovers and I'm sitting there jealous.

That's right, I admit it, I am jealous when I watch the show. I always dreamed about taking two months off and sitting in her audience praying one day it would be MY turn to get all of her favorite things. I mean think of all the money we would save if all my Christmas gifts came from Oprah? My Hubby would be in heaven cause if she gives you a car, how can that be outdone?

And don't get me wrong when she tells you the audience is filled with deserving individuals, I feel a little better. But not much. And then I thought about it and realized I have favorite things and while I can't afford to send them to all my friends and followers I can tell you about them. And if any of the wonderful companies would care to donate a few products for me to giveaway? Well, I won't say no.

Melisa's Favorite Things 2010

I first discovered Bubble and Bee when I got pregnant with Spencer. I was looking for organic products, as the more I read the more I was disturbed with all the garbage in the products I was using. Enter Bubble and Bee. This year they came out with this scent of heaven. I am sensitive to scents and was wary about ordering but am glad I did. It goes on easy and the scent stays with you all day! It smells a bit sweet and a but sultry but not overpowering in the least. I can't get enough of it. Anytime I have it on, someone always comments. Bubble and Bee has not let me down yet and I highly recommend them. Stephanie is always helpful and had a blog about the chemical you should avoid. She doesn't do it to pimp her site but to inform YOU as a consumer. That is the type of business I can get behind.

There is a reason Oprah has picked Ugg boots as a favorite thing more than once...they are comfy. Yes, many people thing they are hideous but that doesn't stop me from loving them. I wear have an old pair I wear as slippers, even though they make slippers. I have a new pair that I throw on to complete my winter outfit and they never let me down. My hands can be cold but my feet? Never. They are fuzzy and warm and I look forward to getting a pair of slippers or clogs.

Going green with makeup had been very hard and while I have lotions, lip balms, soaps and shampoos, it has taken me a while to find a foundation. So I stopped looking and figured if everything else was green, I would be okay with my foundation. I've used Bobbi Brown, Mac and now Chanel. I am not a big makeup person. I don't wear it every day and am not into the over-the-top makeup look. I prefer in is she or isn't she wearing any? This fall my sister introduced me to Chanel's Innocence Compact! It is just the right amount of coverage and isn't too think or oily. That is the one thing I hate about most makeup, it makes my skin oily. I can honestly say I don't have an issue with this compact.

I didn't know what I was missing until I got my Blackberry. It will be two years old and I'm probably due for an upgrade but I love my Curve! Before this I had a flip phone and while I could text and surf the net, it was like a Commodore 64 compared to my BB. I love being able to get my email, surf the web, check Facebook and Tweet. All away from home! When the iPhone came out, I just didn't get the big deal over a smartphone. But I do now. I'd like to say I'm BB for life and many times do. But Hubbs really wants me to love the HTC Evo, which is similar to an iPhone. He may have me...he just recently began playing Angry Birds on that thing. I'm a gamer at heart and that's the only thing I can't really enjoy on the BB. But for now? I am BB for live and don't care who knows!

So there you have it, a few of my favorite things. This post was inspired by Carolyn over at This Talk Ain't Cheap. She got it right when she said Oprah doesn't have a lock on Favorite Things...she just has the clout to give it all away for free!

How about you? What are your favorite things?

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