Thursday, December 16, 2010

28 weeks 5 days

Dear Baby Girl,

I can now really tell you are getting bigger! Some of your kicks and jabs are quite powerful and startling when I'm not paying attention. Some of them even take my breath away, which as big as my belly looks, is pretty easy to do.

This week the doctor asked if I felt bigger. Apparently we are measuring 30 weeks instead of the 28 that we are...I'm not worried. I actually think she measured wrong as she had a hard time finding my pubic bone. And just two weeks before we were right on target. I don't think the 3 pounds we gained make that much of a difference. Guess we will see what happens in two weeks.

We are starting to get your room ready! I can't wait until everything is in place and I can sit in there with Spencer and think about our little family and how it will finally be complete.


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