Thursday, December 30, 2010

30 weeks 5 days

Dear baby girl,

So here we are at week 30, almost week 31. Today I found out the official day you will be born, March 1, 2011. Spencer will be 2 years and 23 days older than you and you can bet he won't let you forget it when you guys become teenagers!

It's been a rough week here as your brother has been sick and Christmas waits for no one. But we are surviving and I look forward to finding your first Christmas ornament next year. And taking family pictures around the tree.

Well, we are still measuring ahead and so the doctor has scheduled an ultrasound to go along with our normal every 2 week appointment. She didn't seem worried and I think you are just a longer than usual baby. I mean, look at your dad!

You are still moving like crazy, especially at night. I hope you aren't thinking about coming out and having your days and nights mixed up. I don't think I will survive!

We will be painting your room this week and setting up the crib. I can't believe it just a few weeks we will be holding you and bringing you home.


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