Monday, November 15, 2010

My Monday Musings

When you're pregnant, it's apparently okay for people to ask the obvious when they really mean something else. Example? Someone asking my sister if I was pregnant. To me it's obvious that 1. I am and 2. It's not fat.

I let my eyebrows go and having my makeup done reminded me that I have to do a bit more than dress to look put together. Oops...

Getting my makeup done also made me realize that I am no longer a spring chicken. While the makeup looked great...getting it all off was not fun. It was like removing glue from paper.

Went to a new place to eat while I was in Florida and received the slowest service ever. And then got overcharged. The waiter wasn't even apologetic. If I hadn't asked about our food, it would have came out even later than it did. Companies, treat your customers kindly and be conscience of their time. They will tell their friends.

When did Christmas shopping get so hard? The only person it's easy to shop for? Spencer! Everyone else? So not fun...

That's all I got this week. See ya next Monday.

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