Thursday, November 18, 2010

24 weeks 5 days

All week I was a day off and when it came time to do this post, I realized it was actually Thursday instead of my normal Wednesday. No matter, belly still the same size.

Dear Bump,

I must admit, it's time to stop calling you bump because as you can see, you are far from what anyone would consider a bump. You are quite out there and you don't let me forget it.

Just this week I complained about how much you feels like it's all day long. Except when Daddy wants to feel and then suddenly you are still. But if you here Spencer or feel him near, you go into overdrive. Have you felt him pushing against you in glee? He does you know...we are trying to get him to understand that he needs to be easy. That's going to be a work in progress...

Daddy has decided that we will give you your own room and possibly a new crib. I was all set on just having Spencer's crib in our room and calling it a day. You already have Daddy wrapped around your finger and he hasn't even seen you yet. Lucky girl!

Found a great crib set at Pottery Barn.
Maybe someone will see it and get it for you!


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