Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Must Be The Shoes

So last week was hair. Hair we do, hair we don't do. I did mine this week and I have to admit that taking the time to straighten it really has made dressing easier and put me in a better mood. That is until I realize how long it is and how much it gets in the way! So ponytail style it is...but at least I look polished instead of ragged.

But this week we are going to talk about our feet and what we put on them. Shoes, probably the biggest weakness most women have and freely admit. It is the one thing that can literally put a spring in your step or have you crying out in pain...all on the same day. I love shoes. I can't walk into a store that has them without taking a peek, even if I am there for something else.

I consider myself lucky that my feet have always been small. I can usually walk into a store and try on all the floor models, getting a quick shoe fix before a sales associate has time to register I am there. At the same time though stores usually only get one of the smaller sizes...meaning I have had to pass up a shoe because it does not look like its mate. The color is off or it is just too worn out for the price.

After college before I figured out what it was I wanted to do I ended up working for Nine West. Talk about a dream come true! I remember my first day they told me to pick out a pair of shoes, for FREE. I quickly picked out a pair of black booties. They were probably at least 3 inches high with a leather toe and heel and the middle was elastic. They sort of looked like this, only the leather was stiffer and the heel was stacked:

The manager laughed and said I would regret that choice and she was right, my first day of wearing them and after 8 hours in them, she was right. But they were great for bar hopping and dancing the night away. I hung onto those shoes for a long time.

Living in Boston was great for a shoe addict because you had four seasons in which you could wear shoes. I think it was once I moved back to Florida and began working in an office that my shoes began to taking on a more comfort appeal. But the real kicker was working in an office where the attire was casual. I figured since no one would be seeing me, why bother wearing fancy shoes? Thus began the flats era.

Most days I wear flip flops. In the winter I pretty much live in Uggs. Throw in sneakers and you pretty much have my shoe wardrobe. I do try and buy flats that are cute but no matter how cute I think they are Hubby hates them. He loves heels. He loves me dressed up and in heels or wedges or platforms. Anything, as long as it isn't flat.

I want to wear those shoes. I still try them on, I still occasionally will buy a pair. But now they sit in their dust-bags and I wonder when I will wear them again. I rocked a pair of sexy shoes back in 2008 to a wedding. I was amazed that I lasted almost all night in them. Now? Now I don't trust myself to not fall and break a leg chasing after Spencer. I mean I tripped over some platforms last year and I was PUSHING A STROLLER. I
stare at my Louboutins and think about all the fabulous places I may one day wear them.

What about you? Do you live in one style of shoe? Do you still buy others hoping to wear them someday? Did your feet grow after pregnancy and so you had to start over with shoes? Tell me your shoe stories!


  1. I live in flip flops at the moment. I'm honestly really lame with shoes since becoming a mom. Maybe I'll do better in the winter!

  2. During the summer I am all about high heeled slip on sandals. Winter for me is boots all the time. I have far too many pairs of boots.

  3. I need to step up my game when it comes to shoes...I live in flats!


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