Wednesday, September 15, 2010

15 weeks 4 days

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Dear Bump, This week we have been on a family vacation. Things are totally different now that your brother is moving and grooving. He is having a great time at the beach and I hope you are too. Can you tell that Mommy is a bit more relaxed? We have a few more weeks before we have to decide if we want to know whether you are a little brother or a little sister. Everyone that offers an opinion thinks you are a girl. I think it's because we already have a beautiful boy and nothing would balance him and us than a beautiful girl. I look forward to being able to feel you soon and I think Spencer will too. Love, Mommy


  1. I thought my last 2 were going to be boys since I already had a girl but I was wrong! I ended up with 3 girls, so it could be another boy! I hear they are easier and cheaper than girls! But I also think every woman should have a little girl of their own!

  2. I say it's going to be a boy. Just because...


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