Friday, April 2, 2010


So here I had all these great plans for changing the blog and I even had a few ideas for some posts that were less mommy and more fashion and what happened? All the plans got away from well as all the time I thought I was going to have.

We ended up going to North Carolina to see some family and I dragged George (my macbook) with us, in hopes that I would have more than a few minutes to change the look of the blog and get one post in...nope, didn't happen. Oh well, isn't there a saying about best laid plans?

I guess I will eventually get the look around here changed a bit. That of course doesn't mean I can't do a fashion blurb, does it? Of course not. But to tide you over here is a picture from our time in NC. I fell in love with my mother-in-laws weeping cherry tree and Hubby managed to get this shot:

In other Spencer news it looks like we will be taking apart the crib and building him a toddler bed. I admit it...I failed miserably at getting him to sleep and like his crib. Truth be told, I really have been ok with the co-sleeping. But after a year, it is time to get the little man on his own and the crib just wasn't going to do. So we are moving on. Stay tuned for pics and updates.


  1. Good luck with the toddler bed! I have known many of families who waited until after 1 year for the baby to sleep in their own bed - i have heard such horror stories of screaming kids...

    i even witnessed one friend of mine physically holding the door closed while the kid was on the other side trying with all of his might to pull the door open and screaming "no-no-no-no sleep in mommy's bed no-no-no!" he was almost 2 and it was heart breaking to listen to, but after 20 minutes the kid gave up. my friend let go of the door and he had fallen asleep on the floor next to the door. i could never be so harsh to my child! after 6 months of holding doors shut, he finally slept in his own bed, on his own without screaming and crying.

    but it is the choice that every parent has to make - do i let the kid(s) sleep in with me or on their own from the get go.

    i have another friend who's kid slept in her bed until he was 7! They tried every year around his birthday and he just wouldn't go, he made a huge fuss or would just sneak into their bed in the middle of the night. My sisters son slept in her bed until he was 5 and her daughter was 3 years older, so she was about 8 before she got fed up and kicked them both out.

    i have yet to hear any parent not have a horror story of putting their kid in their own bed after letting them sleep in their bed for the first year or two - but i am hoping you will be that lucky mom who's kid just goes to sleep and doesn't scream and cry to the point where you give up. :)

    it is one of the hard things to do as a parent. we only let Claire sleep next to our bed the first 6 weeks and then on a rare occasion she slept in our bed that first year. after all of the horror stories of the kids being unable to adapt - i just couldn't keep her in there with me. i knew i didn't want my kid in my bed until they were 7 lol but it was hard to not want her to be in there every night, especially because hubby worked nights back then.

    when is the fashion blog coming? ;-) kidding, i know you are a busy woman!

  2. Our Expensive little crib never held one of my boys! LOL NO child every graced that bed. I should have listened to my very smart sister in law who has five kids. She told me not to waste my money on a crib and I scoffed at that idea...OH now how I wished I kept that chunk of change for something else. LOL We live We Learn and it is all good! One day you will look back at all the things you thought you needed for baby and realize that it was so not needed. LIKE my traveling bottle warmer, my wipe warmer, my insanely oversized diaper bag, the diaper genie...and the list is large of what I bought and did not really use...LOL LOL

    Are you laughing? I am!


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