Friday, April 16, 2010

Fashion Talk: Post Numero Uno

So here we are at my first post about fashion. I was going to go the easy route and talk about shoes because I love shoes and find them easy to talk about but then I saw a picture of a few different items and decided to combine everything into one big first post. So sit tight, cause here we go!

Shoes...I think from the first time a little girl hears the story of the wizard of oz or sees the movie, their shoe obsession begins. I know every little girl gets at least one pair of ruby red slippers to parade around in and click her heels 3 times. Sadly I don't remember my red slipper but I am sure I had a pair! I think the best thing about shoes has to be that no matter what your weight may be, you can always find a pair that make you feel good. And it doesn't always have to be a sexy pair, it can be a grungy flip flop or sneaker. But everyone has that one pair that they can slip on and either sigh in comfort or growl in diva mode.

My shoe budget ranges and lately I've gotten very lax on where I buy and how much I spend. While I do have a pair or Louboutins and love them, the price point on them is quite high. And once I spend that much, I don't wear them everywhere. I savor their newness and want them to look pretty forever! But never fear, you can always find a designer knockoff, done well at places like Target. I have found many a wonderful pair at Target, that have held up and look great. My most recent pair are these wedges. Comfy cute shoe with a great price point but I had one issue with feet slide too far forward because the "pleather" is so soft. I had to buy inserts, which solved the issue but cost an additional 10$, which I would have rather put in a more expensive shoe but lesson learned.

While I love shoes, what I love more are outfits that come together easily and make you look like you didn't even try. Most of my outfits are not like that! I admit that before traveling, I try everything on before putting it in the suitcase. Same thing when I am going out and am "dressing up."

Of course lately I have fallen into the schlumpadinka trap. (that's an Oprah word) No makeup, no fuss, no muss. I think being a stay at home will do that to you, especially if you aren't going farther than the front yard. I don't need makeup to do that or a cute outfit.

I admire women that can throw on a t-shirt and jeans and a cute pair of shoes and look put together. They usually have a piece of jewelry on that makes the whole look and I think I found that piece. I love the colors and the different lengths of all the chains. I think it would make a great statement piece, now if I could only find something similar at a lower price point...

There it was, my first post about fashion. Not extremely exciting but hey, I never promised that!


  1. i would love to comment on this post, but i am so fashionably challenged it's not even funny. on top of that, i am cheap. so imagine how hard it is for me to look cute. hahaha!!

  2. Your post indicate that you are also admirer for fashionable clothes and accessories. I suggest you that if you like the shoes and they are absolutely perfect for you then don't think much for price because getting excellence is the desire of every women. After wearing them you will find your look perfect and never thing of price.

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