Saturday, February 6, 2010


That's right, today was a V.I.D., Very Important Day for those of you not familiar with cool lingo. Why you ask? Well today we went from having a baby to having a toddler! You guessed it, Spencer turned 1 today! Here he is looking at one of his birthday cards:

We were lucky enough to have Daddy home all afternoon and spent the afternoon reminiscing about what we were doing a year ago today (me=labor for 13 hours) and then we gave gifts and had cake. Spencer made out pretty good for Christmas so we didn't go crazy with presents. Though anytime I go to the store I see things I'd like to get for him...but I restrain myself. This means I actually thought long and hard about the perfect gift and in the end went with this Cars flip-sofa:

It was a hit. He jumps in and out of it and will lay down and say "night-night". Daddy thinks we out to let him sleep in it!

For a cake theme I went with Cars and had this cake made:

Spencer pretty much loves all things Cars and all things Sesame Street...that's pretty typical isn't it? Throw in an airplane and you have his toy nirvana.

When we presented Spence with his smash cake he was actually pretty civilized about it all, sticking in a finger and dabbling with the icing and cake. And then the sugar rush kicked in and he decided it was time to take the cake to the next level. He really went for it and we ended up with this:

All in all it was a perfect day for our little family. Now we look forward to this next year and all it will bring.
Happy Birthday Spencer, Mommy and Daddy couldn't love you more!


  1. Love the cake pictures.

    Happy Birthday, Spencer!

  2. oh i love these pictures so much! I wish we could have been there :( miss you guys!


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