Saturday, October 24, 2009

Run Forest, Run

Well it's official, Spence has a runny nose and either has become allergic to the dog or the unseasonably cooler temps and then random warm day have given him a cold. I managed to make it to 8 months before his immune system gave in.

I have to admit I am scared. Colds/Allergies are no fun when you are an adult, I imagine as a baby they are even less so. Mainly because you can't blow your nose or tell anyone if your throat hurts. *sigh* He has been a trooper today, mostly just sneezing and being patient as Daddy and I wipe his nose. I have him sleeping on a pillow to elevate his wee little head in hopes he doesn't get too stopped up.

This is all so foreign to me...should I get a humidifier? Should I get up every few hours and give him Tylenol? Can we still give a child Vick's Vapor Rub? Um...HELP!

This next pic sums up things for all of us:


  1. I know, colds are no fun. My daughter has been running one continuously since she started preschool...on September 10.

    I wouldn't wake him up if I were you. Let him sleep while he can. I think he's too young for Vapor Rub, but Vicks does make something called Vick's Baby Rub. It's the same thing but milder for babies. I would also go with saline drops (Little Noses). Seems to work really well in clearing up the nasal passages, and I've even used the stuff on myself and it really does help.

    Other than that just give out the love. You'll get through it and so will he!

  2. You're so funny... and lucky too - 8 whole months without a sickness! My boys had more than their fair-share by 8 months... thanks to the wonderful daycare germs.

    Don't worry too much unless he spikes a fever. Runny nose with a cough is most likely just a viral infection. Hang in there, it'll pass.

  3. Im no good for advice... I am so neurotic, I am reluctant to give TJ any kind of meds. I think the strongest thing she has ever had is childrens Tylenol. Luckily she hasn't ever needed more than that. I did try the cool mist humidifier when she had a cold as a baby and I think it made me feel better (because I was doing something to help MAH BAY-BEEEE!) than it did her. But it didnt hurt.

    There is nothing worse than having a sick child! It sucks!! You feel so helpless and just want them to feel better, I know. And the worrying, OY!! I hope he feels better soon!!!!!


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