Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Every day I place Spence in his crib in hopes that one day he will actually lay down and fall asleep on his own. Hasn't happened and as Hubby likes to remind me, it probably never will. I admit I am not a fan of CIO - cry it out for you those not in the know. Mostly because I am with the little man all day and when it is time for him to sleep the last thing I want to do it listen to him cry until he is worn out and realizes we aren't coming to save him. Ok, moving on...

When I do sit in his room and watch as he plays in the crib it gives me a chance to really look around and realize I never finished decorating his room. Of course those of you that have been with me from the beginning know it took forever to even decide on furniture color and then room color and I totally wimped out on a now when I see several empty walls all I can think of is how I am in dire need of some nursery decor to finish up the room before he turns 5! I really appreciate websites that have a little bit of everything (who wants to order from several different places!) and also have clear, bright pictures of their merchandise. Right now the current nursery decor I am in love with are the items offered by CoCaLo

Stay tuned for my review of this Wonderworld Block Set and one lucky reader will also be eligible to win their very own set as part of my very first giveaway. Yay for giveaway contest!


  1. Check out - they had a HUGE sale on their CoCaLo stuff (I think thats what it was) a few weeks ago. Good luck. We don't have a theme and our decor is on the minimum. Hell, we don't even have a theme or decor stuff for our bedroom or any other room. We just figure it out as we go!!

  2. I've seen some pretty nice sets from Cocalo. They've got great colors. Since you never finished the nursery, you can now make it more boyish and less babyish. That way you won't have to redo it for a LONG time!


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