Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Have suitcase will travel.

So this past week we headed down to Florida so that Spencer could meet his other aunt's and spend time with Abuela y Abuelo. (That's grandma and grandpa for those that don't speak Spanish.)

This time around he acted fussy as we boarded the plane and took our seats..can you see the annoyance on his face?

He got over it by the time we were in the air and on our way, thank goodness. I don't know what I would do if he decided to be mr. fussy pants the whole ride on a flight!

Spencer has Abuela eating out of his little hand...she set up a crib in the guest room so the little guy would have his own place to lay his head. She's mostly afraid one of us will roll over and suffocate him, but still having a safe place to put him was awesome. But the BEST part? Spencer slept in the crib from the first night to the last night, for 5 or more hours each night. Abuela is now called the Baby Whisperer! Here is the magic crib that started it all:

While that was awesome, what is even more awesome is the fact that the trend has continued and Spencer is now sleeping through the night! I begin to get him ready around 8 and by 9 he is usually asleep. I knew the trend of getting him ready for bed at 8 several weeks ago was a good thing!

The family cat, who was anxious to scope out the baby, did the next best thing...he got into the stroller and was none to happy when we asked him to get out:

I don't have any pics of Spencer's youngest aunt's holding him...because they were too scared to hold him! They thought they might hurt him and instead enjoyed watching him coo and smile...and fart. He's going to love when they tease him about that little fact.

Abuelo was able to get into the act of hanging out with Spencer...and accused me of not giving up the baby. I have to admit it, I don't freely give him up, doesn't matter if you are family or not, you basically have to take him from me! I think I have that know the one where no one does it as good as you? I think this is a common mom affliction though..oh well. Here is Spencer with Abuelo Joe:

We managed to snag this picture one morning and it's one of my faves, Spencer holding Daddy's hand:

And lastly, here he is trying to be a big boy and hold his head up:

Everyday I look at my little boy and am still amazed he is mine and my heart swells with pride and love.

Lastly I want to wish Spencer's Uncle Joey and very happy 22nd birthday!


  1. Just absolutely precious! I love the cat in the stroller... too funny!

  2. Spencer is getting so big! Growing, growing. What a cutie!
    It's great that he is sleeping through the night!

  3. Sleeping through the night? What the...? I'm so jealous! =) But that is some great news, you've got a keeper. haha.

    Pretty cool of Grandma to set up Spencer in style. I'm sure he was sooo comfortable in his own crib.

    That close-up pic of Spencer holding Tim's hand is awesome!

    And I just realized that 3 years of high school Spanish did me no good, I had no idea WTH Abuela meant. Sad situation that is.

  4. Hallelujah to sleeping through the night!!


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