Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fly, baby, fly.

So we survived traveling with Spencer! It's funny cause we kept commenting on how different it was when it was just the two of us; one, two,three. With a baby everything takes that much longer! We had a stroller and a car seat and bags and the baby but we made it.

When we got on the plane, Spencer was an absolute angel! Here is is just chilling before we took off:

He ate during take off and landing and slept in between, which is ideal when flying with a baby. I just don't know if it is ideal for plane rides that are longer than an hour or two, especially if I have to do it alone. I think once he can sit up and be occupied by his surroundings and his toys a longer ride won't be so bad.

The main reason for us taking this trip was to visit Hubby's grandma, which is Spencer's great grandma. Great Granny doesn't travel and I wanted to be sure she got a chance to see our little one before he got too big. Here they are checking each other out:

Then Spencer got fussy at Granny, in true Spencer style:

Besides seeing his great granny, Spencer got to see a lot of cousins and aunts and great aunts. And through all the holding, cuddling, kissing and cooing he did wonderful. He handled it all like a champ.

On his last night, Spencer fell asleep with a teddy bear...which was Daddy's favorite when Daddy was a kid:


  1. So glad all went well on the plane!

    Love all of the glad he got to meet his great Granny and many family favorite pic is of Spencer and Daddy's teddy bear...awww!


  2. Great pics, he's getting cuter and cuter every time I see pics of him.

    You're a much braver woman than I am... I'm still holding out another 2 years before we venture on a plane ride. I know, I'm such a wuss!!

  3. He really couldn't be any cuter could he? We joked when Essie was little that she couldn't know who her parents were because every time she woke up someone else was holding her.

  4. What fun! Glad he did well for you on the plane!

  5. What a relief he did so well on the plane! Whoo-hoo!
    He's getting so big and he's just adorable. What a blessing that he was able to meet his great grandma. That is one thing that makes me sad is that my fat granny passed and my toddler will never get to meet her.

  6. Great POST! Love the pics of him and his Great Grandma!!

  7. Now that you've done the flight, you can do anything with a baby. Anything!

  8. I love the teddy bear (although that reattached head *might* give me nightmares tonight...)

    What a doll! :) Good work!


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