Friday, March 20, 2009

Newborn no longer.

Today was a sad day as I put away Spencer's clothes from the was time to put away the clothes marked NB...for newborn. All those items are now very tight on him and so it's time for him to move into the 3 month clothing. A moment of silence for the NB items, please.

He's almost 12 pounds already and growing bigger everyday. Where did the last 6 weeks go?? One day I will look back and wonder where the last 18 years have gone...which is such a scary thought!!

The 6 hours of sleep he did last week was a fluke. He's back to about 3 hours and two feedings a night. I think he slept so much that particular night because I was just getting over the stomach flu and he possibly had a bit of it too! I didn't put that all together until several days passed and he never attempted another 6 hour night. Oh well.

It's almost time for us to take our first airplane trip as a family, instead of a couple. I'm only nervous about how much more I have to pack and not about the traveling itself. And of course, no place we go will have all the comforts of home, so that will be a lesson. (I talk of baby comforts.) I'll of course post more about how it all goes, after we successfully take our trip.


  1. I remember having to travel on an airplane when my first born was only 2 weeks old. I thought I would have a nervous breakdown. But it all went amazingly well and it empowers you to do anything with a child.

  2. Hope you had a smooth trip. Usually my newborns never had problems sleeping somewhere else. It was once they hit 1+!
    It's always sad to put those NB clothes away. *sob* We just took down a crib last weekend...for the last time. AND, my first baby turns 16 on Thursday.


  3. Sad to put those itty bitty memories away, create a box with all those first things and when he grows up you both can share a moment.First plane ride will be an experience to learn from just bring his bottle and all will be find,oops your nursing he will be fine. I am sure you will have all the comforts of home some where you go it might not be your home but someone is going to make sure your both comfortable.


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