Friday, February 13, 2009

One week later.

So it's been a week since our little guy was born, or little man as Daddy likes to call him. And what a week it's been!

Nothing anyone says can prepare you for the way life instantly changes once a baby is part of that life! I knew it was coming but there was really no way to prepare...because middle of the night trips to the bathroom are nothing compared to the crying of a newborn and not having a clue as to why he is crying! I hope eventually I will know the hungry cry versus the dirty diaper cry versus the gas cry. Right now I am just going through the motions of things and asking Hubby what he thinks. Which is rather comical, cause both of us have no clue.

Today Spencer is exactly one week old and had his first pediatrician visit, where everything was good. And we actually found out that he is 20.5 inches and not the 19.5 they said at the hospital! Woot-woot, Daddy says we will make him a b-ball player yet! He has also gained back the two ounces he lost and put on another two! Yay for breast milk.

And finally...a few pictures of our little man:


  1. OMG he is beautiful...I want to hold HIM! It took me about a Year to adjust to Motherhood and figure out their every whim! Now it is second nature! LOL will take a little time but YOU will KNOW soon enough. Yes there is no preparing for the any it...
    But you have to is amazing and incredible to see this wonderfull product of your husband and your LOVE! It still amazes me looking at my boys!!! What two people create...just WOW!

    How is your doggy adjusting? I love that picture.

  2. Adorable! Oh. My. Goodness!
    I have anxiously been awaiting first pix of him!
    I LOVE the third one, where we get a good look at all of him.
    Glad to hear his first appointment went well!
    It's all just so amazing! I'm sure you both are doing a fantastic job adjusting! I wanted to know how your furry baby is adjusting too! LOL

  3. Spencer is adorable!!!

    Look at your furbaby keeping close watch on him...awww too cute!


  4. He is so beautiful! Look at those long legs! If he isn't a baseball player he'll definitely be playing basketball! Congrats again, you two did fabulous!

  5. How precious!!!! He's just so sweet and I can just SMELL The baby smell from here... and remember how soft their skin is...

    Oh... enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  6. He is so adorable! You are so very lucky!!

  7. Congrats!!! He is absolutely gorgeous! How very perfect he looks! I'm so happy everything went well & you are both happy & healthy!


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