Monday, November 24, 2008

Boy vs. Girl

When people ask you what you're having and you tell them, it seems the inevitable next statement is something to the effect of "is that what you wanted?" I am sure for some that answer is no or yes or we want healthy, gender was not an issue. And that's great. I've said it before, I wanted a boy. Hubby was suave enough to go with "we want healthy."

So when the time came I read How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby_, by Dr. Landrum B. Shettles, MD, and David M. Rorvik. It talks about how to go about bettering your chances for one gender over the other. I figure if we had a 50/50 chance anyway, what was the harm in following the books guidelines.

And so here we are expecting a little boy. Someone for Hubby to take by the hand and show the world to from a male perspective; someone to get dirty with and then come home sheepishly for me to wash. Someone to be his mini and drive this mommy crazy.

But as we go around the stores and see all the clothes and toys, I am sad. And not, it is not because I won't get to buy cute little girl clothing. With 4 sister's there has always been a chance to doll one of them up. But what really gets me down is that the TOYS I wanted I won't get to buy. Yep, I said toys. That dollhouse with all it's little miniature furniture and people. Nope, not for a boy. The new Barbie mansion and corvette. Nope, not for a boy. But at least I know that if we decide to go for number two...I still have a 50% chance of getting a girl...and having MY childhood toylist fulfilled. :)


  1. wanna come over and play with our girly stuff?

  2. yup, nothing in your future except for cars and trucks. the one shining light can be the play kitchen you'll buy later on. i've already done all the research, and there are a gazillion little boys with the play kitchen. trust me on this one. =)

  3. You could always buy the Barbie corvette and house for him to destroy with his GI Joes :)

  4. I know exactly what you mean! I love little boy stuff, but so often I'm like "OH! What a cute dress!" or "That's the PERFECT doll!"...or even, "What cute hairbows!". Yeah, ain't gonna happen!

  5. I know exactly what you mean! All the grandchildren so far in my family and husband's family are all boys. I was sooo hoping I would break the streak and get a girl. I didn't get her yet, but I'm so insanely happy with Alex! Boys are fun... and mine doesn't mind playing pretend and he loves kitchen stuff!

  6. I can understand that. I always wanted a little girl, a smaller version of myself, and I got one. She looks just like her daddy :) God's got a sense of humor.

    (She does, however, act EXACTLY like me, even with some of her tastes.)

  7. I don't get why people ask that question. Anywhoo...

    Who says little boys can't play with dollhouses & barbie cars and stuff. LOL


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