Sunday, October 5, 2008

Poem from Mommy

You Are There

When I’m sitting quietly
And I feel you flutter,
It reminds me that you are there.

When I’m daydreaming about you
And I feel you move,
It reminds me that you are there.

When I’m feeling out of sorts
And I feel you swoosh,
It reminds me that you are there.

You're dancing and fluttering,
Moving and grooving,
All these movements remind me that you are there.

But I can’t help and wish that you were here.


  1. You TOTALLY Rock! If ya wanna see how I Rock, please tune in. And come join in the fun!

  2. that was beautiful. I can't wait till they're here either!

  3. Hi...Visiting from Camp Candid Carrie...I love your blog design and I love this poem. You will love being a has been my greatest joy next to being a grandmother!

  4. Oh I know how anxious you are! Just a few more months to go! Whoo-hoo!

  5. Beautiful poem so full of feelings for your baby! grandma-to-be


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