Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little bit of this and that.

So at night, when I’m just about to fall asleep or think I am, I get these great ideas for post and then I wake up and have nothing. What is that all about? If all my best ideas come late at night, I’m in some serious trouble!

I mentioned before that I thought having a preggo belly would mean instant camaraderie with other moms-to-be and that didn’t happen. Patty reminded me that as women, we are mostly catty, especially when it comes to things like weight. So instead of getting the look of knowing kindness, I was getting the ole stink eye as bellies were compared! Which is funny, because while I did compare bellies it was never with the stink eye, this is not to say I can’t be catty, because meow, I sure can, but I guess I just expected it to be different? It must be the false sense of everyone and their mother’s being happy because you are pregnant…even if they don’t know you, but it seems this is mostly online and not out in the real world. Strange, isn’t it? (Family doesn’t count…they are always happy!!)

I turn 17 weeks today and am anxiously waiting to feel baby move. There are times I think maybe I felt something, but it happens so quickly that I can’t be sure. Hubby and I have spent time poking and prodding only to not feel a thing and probably annoying baby at the same time. Poor thing...but this is probably the easiest poking and prodding he/she will receive.

I started doing a baby registry and have to admit, I was more excited about my wedding registry than this one. I mean how hard could it be picking out things for a baby? Yeah, well it’s actually a lot harder than I thought because you have to research. Thanks to recalls and crappy workmanship of certain items you have to be sure you get something that isn’t dripping in toxic paint or going to break apart as soon as you take it out of its packaging. This research is not fun and I’ve seriously thought about paying someone to do the research, brining me the results and then I can have fun adding the items to the registry. This shouldn’t be stressing me out, right? And yet every time I pull up the list I can’t help but feel my eyes glaze over and my mind go blank.


  1. Oh ya. Baby registry is tough and like you, I'm not sure why!! Go with the regulars like onesies, blankies, bottles, stroller, car seat, etc. The toys can come later! Then you have more time to research those. That's just my opinion tho! LOL
    I can't wait to hear about when you feel that first kick! Oh, that was what I loved MOST about being pregnant...feeling the baby move.

  2. Watch out for those baby items that are made in China! Don't want The New One ingesting any of that lead-based paint! BTW, I think your "posting ideas" problem is a common one, at least with me. I often drift off to sleep thinking of great ideas. When I wake up, I got nothin'. Oh, well!

  3. The most stressful part of my first pregnancy was the baby registry. If you have any questions, ask me, lord knows I did enough research for all of Florida!! I've got lots of insight on all baby products, so let me know if you get stuck.

    You should feel the baby move in the next 2 weeks. With both babies, by week 19-20, I was feeling baby on a consistent basis.

  4. BTW, I'm hosting a Recipe Week on my blog, starting tomorrow. Please stop by and see what's cookin'!

  5. You must be running into some beeotches because I always smile at pregnant women! Maybe they are jealous because you are cuter than they are???

    As for the researching baby items, it doesn't stop with the registry. I obsessively research ev.ry.thing. So feel free to ask me anything if you want some input from a neurotic mom. Also, I found the "Baby Bargains" book by Denise and Alan Fields a great resource... reviews and recommendations of lots of products in one location. Just make sure you get the most recent edition... I think I had the 6th, so they are probably on 8 by now.

    Do you know where your placenta is? It can make a difference as to when you will feel the baby. My placenta was attached to the front, aka anterior, so I didnt feel movement until 20+ weeks. It is the best feeling in the world, I totally miss it!!

  6. Do NOT register for bottles!!! Different babies do well and don't do well with different bottles, so my suggestion is to try one of a couple different kinds and see what he/she likes, and then use a gift card to purchase some.

    And my .02 - I STILL like the playtex disposable ones best. I worked in the nursery of a daycare and I do believe I have SEEN (and used, and WASHED) every kind of bottle there is... and the disposable ones (yeah yeah yeah... I know, they're not GREEN but) are just so dang easy to clean.


    You get what works for Little Miss/Mr.

  7. Fortunately my husband loves doing research like that so I just left all that to him. I agree though, it's overwhelming.

  8. I am really looking forward to baby comraderie, also. Hoping to find some nice mommies-to-be in prenatal yoga or some other yuppie-ish activity where I might meet friends! If not, I always have you and Blogland!


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